Dehumidifier NORTEC CDH 120

The perfect solution for your pool


ModelCDH 120
Drainage (30°C, humidity 80%)120 l/day
Fan performance900 m3/h
Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption1955 W
Rated current7.1 A
Mark freonR410
Noise levelto 60 dB
Protection levelIP24
Weight55 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)480x300x1680 mm

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2 099 USD
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Dehumidifiers NORTEC series CDH designed with many years of experience manufacturing dehumidifiers for pools and currently have no equal on the market.

Today, dehumidifiers series NORTEC CDH are odniim of the most effective and inexpensive Dehumidifiers for pools that do not require special installation.

Performance dryers enough to work with the pool of water mirrors up to 120 sq.m. In basins larger area is possible to install several dehumidifiers.

The vertical orientation of the body and compact design make it possible to install the dehumidifier in a basin with the smallest area. Dehumidifier is installed on the floor in a convenient location that is the perfect solution in the presence of solid glass walls of the pool.


Dehumidifier NORTEC CDH series is used in saunas and pools of small and medium in size. Dehumidifier to function effectively and harmoniously into the interior, complementing and decorating it.

Also, drier NORTEC can be successfully applied in all areas with excessive humidity or areas that require humidity control - laundries, basements, museums, buildings after flooding, etc.


  • The snow-white smooth body style flat line
  • Horizontal and vertical blinds servo
  • A graphic animated display
  • Remote remote
  • Set the desired humidity and Off Timer
  • A reliable compressor HITACHI or Toshiba
  • Easy to maintain and clean the filter
  • Ideal for equipping pools and saunas VIP-class
  • Performance 120 l/day.


Microprocessor control makes it easy to set the desired humidity level in the room to the desired temperature.

The LCD display shows all the main indicators of the dehumidifier:, humidity, temperature, time of work.

All the functions are controlled dehumidifier convenient remote control.

As a vertical and horizontal blinds are electric and are also controlled by the remote control.

When you turn off the unit horizontal blinds are closed, making the device even more elegant.


Dehumidifiers NORTEC series CDH have certificates of compliance, environmental and fire safety.

Warranty dehumidifier — 1 year from date of purchase.

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