Infrared heater NORTEC Pyramid TPH 12SR

1.5 meter real flame in a tempered glass shell


ModelPyramid TPH-12S
Power, kW6—12
Gas consumption (propane), kg/h0,6—0,98
Reflector diameter, mm450х450х450
Dimensions (LхWхH), mm650х650х650х2300
Weight, kg22

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1 242 USD
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Gas heaters NORTEC collected all the benefits of the best infrared heaters. Patio heaters NORTEC Pyramid designed by studying many samples of outdoor heaters, customer feedback, measuring the effectiveness of and endurance tests.

In the middle of the device is transparent bulb from a fire-resistant glass, inside of which is a living flame It reaches 1.5 meters and evenly heats the air along the entire length of the bulb. Kind of eye-catching, living fire creates a romantic and cozy environment.

Bulb, in which the flame is made of quartz glass and can withstand sudden temperature changes.

Power of the heater is designed to create comfortable temperature +25° c up to 6 metres in diameter (~ 28 m2) the outside air temperature +10°C continuous burning Time approximately 12 hours. Heater runs on standard gas bottle that you can tuck in to gas-station.

Features of functioning: adjustable power, piezo-electric activation, flame monitoring, sensor safety valve.


Housing made of stainless steel

Trihedral steady enclosure made of high quality stainless steel.

Real 1.5 meters flame in TermalShock glass

Heat-resistant quartz glass bulb can withstand sudden changes in temperature TermalShock.

reducer iGT 30 mbar hose with screw-type terminals and under standard gas bottle

Increased safety. Many analogues not equipped with gearboxes, and the hose has a less secure mount to yoke.

Durable wheels for easy transportation

Especially useful when you need to move a number of devices on a daily basis with connected cylinders. For example, in outdoor cafes.

Remote control

The ability to remotely turn on/off the device, and set one of five flame levels.

Piezo activation with a pilot torch — electrode is not in the area of heating

Pilot torch allows you to switch off the device and turn it again without using the piezo-activation element. This is especially useful when used in a cafe, where you need to repeatedly switch on and switch off the devices during the day. Resource-saving spark gap, the electrode is not in the working area and lasts longer.

Places of use

  • Open front porch Cafe and restaurants
  • Holiday homes
  • Country sites
  • BBQ
  • Playground
  • Open location
  • Patio, etc.
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