Multi-fuel oil burner NORTEC WB 230

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ModelNORTEC WB 230
Heat Power, kW165—230
Air consumption, m3/h12
Air pressure, bar2,2
Fuel consumption, kg/h16—23
El. power supply, kW1,60 (220/50)
Dimensions, (WхDхH), mm700x500х400
Weight, kg25

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NORTEC WB burners can be used with most of the heat generators and hot-water boilers which nominal heat input is within 165 and 230 kW. The burners are equipped with a regulated flange that makes the set-up and maintenance of a burner easier. We supply burners absolutely ready for work together with a fuel pump and filter.

Multi-fuel oil burners NORTEC WB have a number of outstanding features that differentiate them from those of other manufacturers and give them a competitive advantage:

  • High requirements for the quality of assembly and used equipment part
  • 100% quality control at the factory and before-sale fine-tuning.
  • Constant work on constructive improvement of the burners.
  • Nozzles with enhanced spray angle for better flame shape.
  • Improved electromagnetic valves.
  • Electronic control unit Siemens (Made in Germany).
  • Transformer Fida (Made in Italy).
  • Pump unit (a lifting device) with a filter are included in the supplied package.

All the main joining parts and units of NORTEC WB burners are supplied by European manufacturers such as Siemens (Germany), Fida (Italy), Danfoss (Denmark) that ensures high quality and reliabilty of our products.

Fuel types

NORTEC burners can be used both for heating and technological processes. Our burners are easy to maintain and can work on a wide range of liquid fuel:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Crude oil
  • Pyrolysis (synthetic) fuel
  • Gas condensate
  • Waste machine and technical oil
  • Vegetable oil and biofuel
  • Liquid animal fat
  • Furnace oil


Additional fuel filtration

An additional fine-mesh strainer in the preheating chamber ensures maximum purity of fuel before it goes into the nozzle unit so making service interval for a nozzle longer.

Main filter is an ordinary car filter

A standard car oil filter is used as the main filtering element. This ensures high level of fuel precleaning as well as fast and cheap replacement when it gets dirty.

Air preheating

The air line with primary (compressed) air goes through the preheating chamber with fuel heat up to 60–110° C. This improves fuel combustion and reduces gum formation, increases burner efficiency and service interval.

Moisture separating filter

A moisture separating filter in the system of air input from the outer compressor allows to exclude moisture and oil in the air fuel mix. This makes burner work more steady with any type of compressor and increases burner efficiency.

Easy control of secondary air

Easy and reliable control of secondary air simplifies fine-tuning of a burner with any type of boiler and heat generator.

Additional overflow sensor

NORTEC WB230 burners are equipped with an additional fuel overflow sensor which increases safety of use.

Easy maintenance

Preheating chamber design ensures easy maintenance and prevents fuel level alarm from error because of its fouling.

All necessary hoses in package

Burners are equipped with fuel and air hoses for our clients convenience.

Adjust the air shutter

Fuel overflow sensor

Strainer in the tank heater

Package supplied

  • NORTEC WB230 burner
  • Pump unit with fine-cleaning filter
  • Multi-use joining flange
  • Insulating plate
  • Manometer
  • Fuel hoses set
  • Air hose
  • Manual

Dimensions and mounting sizes

Dimensions and mounting sizes burner NORTEC WB

NORTEC WB23053040073050-250135115-145110M12110
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